Basics of teaching online in a Web 2.0 world
In this workshop, Michael will focus upon lessons learned about designing instruction for an adolescent and early adult audience and how the interactive can be used to help facilitate learning in this largely unsupervised environment.

Web Design for Adolescent Students

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1. Course developers should, prior to beginning development of any of the web-based material, plan out the course with ideas for the individual lessons and specific items that they would like to include.

2. Course developers should keep the navigation simple and to a minimum, but don't present the material the same way in every lesson.

Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation -
A high school Art unit on Perception, Culture, Technology

3. Course developers should provide a summary of the content from the required readings or the synchronous lesson and include examples that are personalized to the students' own context.

Florida Virtual Academy -
An elementary Life Science course lesson on viruses.

4. Course developers should ensure students are given clear instructions and model expectations of the style and level that will be required for student work.

Virtual High School -
(username: demouser / password: demouser)
A high school English lesson entitled Cultural Identity Through Literature

5. Course developers should refrain from using too much text and consider the use of visuals to replace or supplement text when applicable.

Florida Virtual School -
A high school US History lesson entitled "Problems with Great Britain Vex Jefferson".

6. Course developers should use multimedia to enhance the content and not simply because it is available.

University of California College Preparation -
An Advanced Placement Calculus course lesson on limits.

7. Course developers should develop their content for the average or below average student, while including enrichment activities for above average students.

General Resources:

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